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Martha Dixon has travelled far and wide for BBC News to make  TV features, documentaries and news. Her work gives a special insight on language, culture and community around the world.  Her radio pieces can be heard on BBC Radio 4 and BBC World Service Radio. 


At BBC World TV she covered events such as the Afghan elections and G7 summits. And for the BBC's charity arm, BBC Media Action, she runs training programmes to get voices heard in countries with limited press freedom including Russia, Belarus, Algeria, Nigeria, Indonesia, and Kosovo.

At Kahuna Comms she works with our diverse range of clients, making films and podcasts, and giving expert advice on interviewing, speaking and communicating. 

Georgie Nel has been a senior TV journalist for BBC World News for 16 years. She led the news team on the day Kabul fell to the Taliban, and on the first days of the war in Ukraine.

On location, Georgie worked on coverage of the Queen's death, the South African HIV crisis, the 2021 G7 Summit, and the UK space launch in Cornwall (2023).  

Like Martha, she now shares her world-class skills of digital storytelling, headline writing and podcast creation with our clients – and their audiences.

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